Complaints Board


Despite our diligence, you may have a complaint about the provided care.

If this is the case, you can file a complaint with De Rozenhof. It will be handled in accordance with the complaints procedure.


Who does the Complaints Board serve?


The Complaints Board is there for all clients using the care and services of De Rozenhof.


What does the Complaints Board do?


The Complaints Board handles complaints submitted by clients.

De Rozenhof considers it important to handle complaints with care and maintain or regain the trust of the client.


The manner in which a complaint will be handled is set out in the Complaints Procedure. De Rozenhof has adopted the model procedure that meets the legislative requirements for complaints procedures.


The Act on Complaints Rights for the Care Sector requires care providers to draw up this procedure and imposes corresponding requirements.

The Act on Compulsory Admission in Psychiatric Hospitals and the Complaints Handling Decree impose similar requirements. The Health Care Complaints Guideline is also important.


Complaints Procedure:


More information about the Complaints Procedure can be found on our website or by contacting the complaints officer or the Complaints Board.


Who can submit a complaint?


Complaints about the care by:

the client

the client’s legal representative

the client’s authorised representative

the client’s fiduciary

the client’s next-of-kin

Family members and other close relations of clients can submit a complaint about conduct towards them


How to submit a complaint:


You can submit a complaint by using the complaints form.

The form can be found on our website.



Who can receive a complaint?


You can submit your complaint to:


the person to whom the complaint relates, or

his or her supervisor, or

the Board of Directors, or

The Complaints Officer, or

The Complaints Board.





We preferably receive your complaint/complaints form in writing or by email.

If this is not possible, you can also submit your complaint in person.


The Complaints Board can be reached by sending an email to: or by phone using phone no. 0541 – 360 911


They can be reached in writing on the address:


De Rozenhof

Afdeling klachtencommissie

Prins Bernhardstraat 2

7573AM Oldenzaal



De Rozenhof is a member of the Arbitration Board.


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