Client Board


Who does the Client Board serve?

The Client Board is there for all clients using the care and services of De Rozenhof.


What does the Client Board do?

The Client Board advises the Board of Directors of De Rozenhof on:


the quality of the services

the manner in which complaints are handled

the current range of care and services

wishes and needs of clients


The Act on Participation of Clients in Care Institutions describes the rights and duties of a Client Board.


The Client Board does not handle any complaints!

The Client Board does not represent complaints of clients of De Rozenhof.

You can turn to the Complaints Board for this.



The Client Board invites clients of De Rozenhof to propose suggestions, comments and opportunities for improvement. This allows us to monitor and improve the quality provided to you.


You can reach the Complaints Board by sending an email to: or by phone using phone no. 0541 – 360 911


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