Collaborations with professionals & informal carers


Professionals and informal carers increasingly share the responsibility for the care of a client. This cooperation greatly determines the quality of care. In order to safeguard this quality, De Rozenhof has concluded agreements and established close partnerships with general practitioners, hospitals and pharmacists, among others.

De Rozenhof realises that there are different aspects that must be considered in this cooperation. In our introductory meeting, we will take a good look at what we can expect from each other.

Our principle: What does good care and quality mean to you?

De Rozenhof will talk - if possible - with family and volunteers about the possibilities and where professional care stops and informal care begins. An informal carer is not a professional caregiver, after all. They provide care based on their personal relationship with the client.

We consider it our responsibility to have the cooperation with the informal carer take place as smoothly as possible.


De Rozenhof, Tailored Care!