Care and support


You are looking for professional help and wonder where to start.

In that case, you can contact De Rozenhof.

We would be happy to make an appointment for an informal chat. This allows us to talk about your situation in peace.

We will inform you about our capabilities and give you tailored advice.

An accredited (level 5) nurse will draw up a care plan. This plan shows our indication and what goals we want to achieve with you.

Based on this personal care plan, a report will be drawn up after each care moment. This allows our care staff to see your current health condition at a glance.


It is our goal to provide you with one dedicated care worker as much as possible.

We are available for your 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


Personal Care

If physical and personal care such as bathing and dressing becomes difficult, you can contact us.

We will support and help you with your overall daily life.

This includes washing and dressing the client in or out of bed, showering or bathing, applying make-up, shaving, brushing teeth, skincare including decubitus (bedsores) prevention, applying prosthetics, help with visiting the toilet, eating and drinking, and with moving and posture (position changes, exercising limbs, lifting, support while moving or adjusting posture, transporting in wheelchair).

We encourage you and help you master these activities again.

This makes you more independent.



The district nurse offers you nursing. He or she determines any health issues you may have and provides support and care through proper treatment.

Treatment can also include administering medication, oxygen, placing an IV or catheter, wound care, physical examinations and injections. We try teaching the client the actions that make him or her less dependent in this respect as well.

The nurse also provides you with advice, instruction and information about dealing with your disease, prevention, necessary tools and the like.


Temporary stay

De Rozenhof also offers opportunities for temporary respite care, as well as temporary admission to a care facility in case of a situation under the Long-Term Care Act in the home situation. 



What does home nursing cost?

Home nursing will be paid by your Dutch insurer as of 1 January 2015, if you live abroad there are special conditions.


De Rozenhof, Tailored Care!